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Images with a heartbeat...

You’ll hear all different ways to describe wedding photography these days, things like “photo-journalistic”, “fine-art”, or “stylized”. When I photograph a wedding, my style is to capture moments that tell the story of your day. I want the images to bring you back to the day, how you felt, and make you smile when you see them. So, I call my style of wedding photography "Images With A Heartbeat”. Sound like what you’re looking for?

Having photographed hundreds of weddings and engagements, I’m relaxed and at the top of my game while I’m working with my clients. This creates an atmosphere of excitement, without frenzy, allowing you to feel relaxed, and able to just be yourself, enjoying the moment… And that translates into incredible images.

Please visit my Wedding Photography Portfolio for samples of my work, as well as my reviews.

Wedding Day Coverage:

I like to start about an hour before the ceremony, sometimes a little longer, so that I'm able to take "getting ready" images of both the bride and groom, as well as some venue images. Followed by the ceremony, or "first look" if you have chosen to do that. After the ceremony we usually spend 30-60 minutes on family group photos with the new bride and groom together with their families and relatives. Next, I typically shoot a creative session with just the bride and groom for about 30-40 minutes. These are the beautiful images you'll typically see on a photographer's website, like in my portfolio. The reception also has several important moments that need to be captured professionally, such as, first dance, toasts, guest tables, cake cutting, plus any other special events of the evening, like a sparkler exit.

With respect to a second photographer, I always use them for at least part of the day, simply because at times there are multiple things going on at once. For example, when you are both getting ready. Also, it's very helpful during the ceremony because it allows us to have two different vantage points without moving about and creating a disruption to the ceremony. Additionally, the second can get photos of guests during the cocktail hour, while we're doing family photos. But, there really is no need to have a second photographer there for the entire wedding. At a minimum, I would have a second photographer for the getting ready shots, the ceremony, and the cocktail hour.

Boutique Weddings - One to three hours of coverage:

Our area is famous for small intimate destination beach weddings, for which I offer one hour of wedding photography by Mark Block (no second photographer) designed to cover a simple beach ceremony, with beautiful images of the bride, groom, wedding party, family and guests. Digital images included - delivered in high resolution; Next day preview images; Final images delivered in an online password protected gallery. $550. - Up to two additional hours may be added for $250/hour additional.

Wedding Photography - Four or more hours of coverage:

Complete Wedding Day Coverage ~ Complete (2 hours before the ceremony until the end of the reception) Wedding day photography coverage by Mark Block; Second photographer coverage; Digital images included - delivered in high resolution; Next day preview images; Final images delivered in an online password protected gallery + memory stick. You'll have a complete record of the memories of your day. $3925

6 Hours Wedding Coverage ~ Six hours of wedding photography coverage by Mark Block; Four hours second photographer coverage; Digital images included - delivered in high resolution; Next day preview images; Final images delivered in an online password protected gallery + memory stick. $3425.

5 Hours Wedding Coverage ~ Five hours wedding day photography coverage by Mark Block; Three hours second photographer coverage; Digital images included - delivered in high resolution; Next day preview images; Final images delivered in an online password protected gallery + memory stick. $2925.

4 Hours Wedding Coverage ~ Four hours wedding day photography coverage by Mark Block; Two hours second photographer coverage; Digital images included - delivered in high resolution; Next day preview images; Final images delivered in an online password protected gallery + memory stick. $2425. 

There are a number of other items that photographers like to bundle into wedding photography packages. Things like wedding album credits, parent albums, print credits, etc.. Those are high markup items, which vary greatly in cost and quality. Doing so only serves to muddy up the waters when it comes to quoting accurate pricing. My personal feelings are they should be shopped for separately. If by chance, you do want me to include those items just let me know and I'll add them into the quote - but I’d like have a conversation about that so I’m able to make sure I understand what you’d really like.

I'd enjoy hearing more about your plans. You can reach me at your convenience, including weekends and evenings, at 239-777-3820, from 9 AM - 9 PM.

Looking forward to working with you!


Wedding Photography FAQ

What is your availably?
It is not uncommon for me to book wedding photography in Naples and Marco Island a year in advance. Please contact me at your earliest convenience with your interest. I do all types of weddings, from elaborate weddings requiring a second photographer, to small intimate weddings that the beaches of Naples and Marco Island are famous for. If you would like to inquire about a my availability please do so from my contact page, or call me at 239-777-3820 when convenient for you, including weekends and evenings.

What is your wedding photography deposit and payment policy?
Please keep in mind that once you have retained me for your wedding date, I will turn away other business to hold your date exclusively for you. For all weddings a 25% non-refundable retainer, along with a signed "Wedding Photography Agreement" is required to reserve your wedding date. I do not collect money on the day of your wedding - My personal feelings are that practice is somewhat rude, and at the very least distracting to all involved. For that reason, I do ask that your balance be paid in full 10 days prior to your wedding day.

Will you attend our rehearsal?
Yes, if possible I will attend your rehearsal as a courtesy. However, my complimentary attendance at the rehearsal is not to take photos, it's as an observer, so that I can see how the processional/ceremony/recessional are being planned. Many times I notice things that if minor adjustments are made, will dramatically improve the quality of your wedding day images.

How long will it take to receive my photos?
I always try to get a few previews back to my clients within a day or two of the wedding, however, as good as the images are that come out of my camera, they still need some adjusting for exposure, white balance, and a few other settings. I personally examine and adjust every single image before I deliver them to you. Typically, your images will be processed and delivered to you in approximately 4 weeks. However, this may be extended during peak holiday seasons (late November through December, Spring Break, etc.) where I am out photographing clients every day. 

What type of editing is included?
To achieve the highest quality images I shoot in a digital file format known as RAW. This type of digital file requires that the images be checked and adjusted for white balance, exposure, contrast, color tone, and sharpness in post production. Most people do not realize that I typically will spend two hours in post production for each hour I shoot. If asked to do so, I’ll remove minor blemishes. If you are going to get a special enlargement of one of your images, like a canvas for your wall, I’m happy to go over that image with a fine tooth comb, as a courtesy. Editing that is not included is; extensive retouching of skin, removing people, or Photoshop editing intended to drastically change the appearance of a person. If you should require these services I will send your images out for professional retouching, which is performed at a rate of sixty dollars per hour.

How will I receive my photos?
When completed, your images will be placed in an online gallery to make it easy for you to proof, or share them with family and friends. For your convenience, you are also able to order prints and canvas wraps from a professional lab directly through the online gallery. In addition, you will receive a USB memory stick with your high resolution digital jpg images, and you'll have full rights to print the images for personal use at your favorite photo lab.

Do I have personal print rights to the images?
Yes, images with my copyright may be printed, reproduced, or displayed for personal use by my customers. Images may not be sold, used, or otherwise distributed for advertising and/or commercial use.

How many photos will I receive?
I don't really sell my photography by "the number of images" so there is no limit, fixed, or guaranteed number of images that you will receive. Typically, I produce about 30-40 images per hour.

Do I get every single image that you took?
In the course of making your images, you'll see me shoot each opportunity several times. The reason is that if I shot just one image and the subject(s) had their eyes closed I'd basically have missed the shot. Once I start editing, I remove the exact duplicates, as they don't add any value. I also remove the unflattering images, as I don't think you need to see bad pictures of yourself to be able to enjoy the good ones. But basically, there are always images that are not acceptable for a number of reasons; unflattering expression, subject moved too quickly and went out of position, or there just wasn’t any spark in the image. These images are not part of my final product that is delivered to you.

How do I book 8th Ave South for a Naples beach wedding?
8th Avenue South is one of the premier locations for beach weddings in Naples FL because it has a large grassy area with a winding paver sidewalk. It is directly above, and connected to, the beach just north of the Naples Pier. Because of its popularity, it is often booked months in advance. Scheduling is done through the Collier County Parks & Recreation Department at Fleischman Park. Phone: 239-213-3020

Are you fully licensed and insured?
Yes, as a full-time working professional photographer, I am licensed, and carry liability insurance. This is especially important, as many of the wedding venues require proof of insurance before they allow a photographer to work on their property.

Do you recommend any wedding vendors?
Yes, I appreciate working with like-minded professionals when I’m photographing a wedding. You'll find them listed on my blog. If you’re planning a Naples FL destination wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always glad to help review your ideas, and help in any way.

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